Sakuma: The Symphony of Horror is a game created in GB Studio based on my webcomic, Sakuma: The Red Glare, on Webtoon. It features  4 separate stories about the main characters, Sakuma, Claris, and Jackson, being teleported to a mysterious castle and finding themselves separated from each other. The game features light puzzle elements but is meant to mainly be an interactive story.

This demo has the intro sequence and Sakuma's story playable.  When playing it on this webpage, feel free to zoom in a bit  to make the game's resolution a bit more accurate if you need to.

Music, visuals, and maybe even dialogue are considered temporary for this demo, though not much will probably change between this and the final product.

Controls: Z=A Button, Enter=Start Button, Directional Keys for movement

Special Thanks to Chris Maltby for creating GB Studio. It's a very fun, easy to use program and I highly recommend you check it out!

GB Studio Link:

Also, check out  my webcomic this game is based on!

Sakuma Link:

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